ACAS recently reported that in addition to communicating policies effectively, “having clarity on rights and responsibilities in the workplace can make a real difference to productivity”.  Few would argue with this, yet many employers, employees and (dare I say it?) even HR Practitioners can often struggle to gain such clarity when faced with the vast array of various Acts, Regulations, Common Law and Equity which inform Employment Law in the UK.

In MGLHR’s search for clarity, we have consistently found that the widely accessible GOV.UK and websites present a fantastic range of free, reliable and up to date information on relevant additions and changes to UK legislation.

It is disappointing, given their charitable aims and status, that the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) offers restricted guidance through ‘members-only’ factsheets and podcasts via their ‘Knowledge Hub’ pages.

So it was very refreshing to recently discover a new series of free, easy to read guides aimed at making the law more accessible to businesses and individuals on the site. Matt Gingell is Employment Lawyer, Author and Legal Commentator who regularly writes articles for well-known publications including The Independent, The Guardian, and City AM.

His latest guides include:  ‘Employment Contracts: A Guide for Employees’


‘TUPE: A guide for Employers’

MGLHR were so impressed with Matt’s HR and Employee guides that we have included permanent links to his site on our own Guidance & Resources page

Well done Matt …and take note CIPD!